The application has closed for our Summer 2016 teacher training in Denver.

 If you are interested in participating in a future training, please fill out this contact form.


The Overview

We are scanning the Denver Public School district for teachers who recognize the need to help their students with significant stress and anxiety. The individuals we are looking for are willing to implement five minute social and emotional activities into their classes. They are also eager to explore other ways to implement Denver's ASSET program into their school. Denver's ASSET program is a specific ASSET program built for Denver. 

The training will guide teachers to understand how to lead practices such as positive psychology, mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique, and more. Teachers will learn how to offer social and emotional skills to students and create study plans leveraging these tools. The goal for the training is to create a network of teachers who are pushing the status-quo of teaching and bringing new, necessary tools to the table. They'll be able to help students respond to social and emotional circumstances with agility and resilience. 

This training will be a pilot and we are looking for teachers that are willing to iterate this program and are willing to grow with us. We value teachers' time, energy, and opinions which is why we are providing stipends thanks to the Imaginarium office at DPS. 

The Details


July 23rd, 2016 from 11am-5pm, july 24th, 2016 from 11-2pm (9 hours)


The posner Center for international development, 1031 33rd street, Denver, Colorado, 80205


Each Teacher will receive $480 to participate in 9 hours of training and an additional 3 hours of follow-up during the fall. 

Have questions? Email Tessa