How We Work

Step One

We invite the most-promising educators to apply to participate in our summer training program and receive our curriculum. 

Step Two

We review applicants and look for educators that are willing to push the boundaries the standard education for the wellbeing of their students. We look for educators that are closely aligned with their "WHY" of working within the education field.

Step three

Selected educators spend two-full days immersed in ASSET's curriculum. This event allows for educators to experience the tools and learn how to implement ASSET's 5-10 minute lessons plans in an everyday class setting. Teachers gain a community of like-minded individuals that are driving education forward.

step four

ASSET-trained teachers return back to their classrooms and implement our curriculum where they see fit for their students and school. ASSET-trained teachers become advocates of resilience programming and leaders within their school. 

Step five (optional)

Schools that wish to have more of ASSET the team to train their entire staff. These schools that invite ASSET in then have access to the curriculum for all of their teachers.




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