Culture Partnership

Culture Partnership


ASSET Education is offering a “Culture Partnership” with ten schools for the 2019-20 academic year. With this unique opportunity, ASSET provides Culture Partners with:

  • 1 Year License to Levels 1-3 Curriculum

  • 1 Pre-ASSET Professional Development session for whole staff

  • ASSET’s Best Practice Implementation Schedule

  • Access to ASSET’s monthly call hosted by a member of the ASSET Team

    • Two available times to call-in per month

  • Access To ASSET’s Monthly Newsletter

  • Access to Advocate Toolkit

    • Emphasis on helping educators plan effective ways to ensure program fidelity at their school

  • Access to Personal Practice Toolkit

    • Emphasis on helping educators develop their own personal practice in Mindfulness and Positive Psychology by providing weekly themes with morning and evening practices

The combination of these services are designed to create a school culture of social, emotional, and mental wellness; ensuring a successful implementation to generate the greatest impact possible for each student at ASSET’s Culture Partner schools.

Cost: $5,000

*discounts provided for schools with high a Free & Reduced Lunch population. Contact

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