Develop a personal practice in mindfulness

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To lead mindfulness well, we recommend you develop a personal practice. We know this isn't a "bite-sized" teaching tip, but in terms of effectively leading mindfulness, it's a catch all. It's very hard to relate to students on a subject, any subject, that you have zero experience with. The good news? It doesn't take much time to develop your own practice! It can be as simple as practicing a five-minute ASSET tool on your own, as often as you think of it, so that your own capacity to feel and experience mindfulness develops alongside your students.

Pro tip: practice Deep Breathing as soon as you wake up in the morning like our founder, Tessa Zimmerman.

If you want to further your mindfulness practice, the Hemera Foundation provides mindfulness fellowship retreats for educators. Learn more at the Hemera Foundation.


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About the Author

Gina has taught high school English for nearly a decade and recently discovered the power of social & emotional learning after embedding ASSET into her classroom culture. She now serves as ASSET’s Director of Programs and brings a teacher’s perspective to curricular and professional development materials. In her free time (when her bouncing baby boy is sleeping or in someone else’s arms), Gina loves to read, cook big family dinners, and get outside with her husband and dog.

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