Spiral stress-reduction language throughout your classes

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Repetition is the key to learning. This is why we use word walls and flashcards. Just like you do with keywords in your class, spiraling social & emotional learning vocabulary gives your students a common language to understand and discuss their stress. When a student is in distress, veteran ASSET teacher Beth Lakin asks, “Are you using your thinking brain or your animal brain?” Whether it’s referencing parts of the brain from the Primer lesson or asking students about their stressors, using SEL terminology gets students comfortable in their ability to name their stress. Once they can “name” their stress, they’re in a better position to “tame” that stress later.



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Brent Modak followed the example set by his grandfather and entered the classroom first as a middle school teacher before moving up to teach high school history. As a member of the ASSET team, Brent helped develop the curriculum and led in the implementation of the program across all of ASSET’s partner schools. When not teaching Brent enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and newborn baby, Lewis.

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