Create a visual culture of social & emotional support

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ASSET’s ultimate goal is for students to use our stress-reducing tools outside of your classroom. There are many ways to make this learning stick: implement the program consistently, facilitate tools outside of traditional ASSET time (like before a test or unstructured work time), and have students reflect on each tool. But there’s another quick and easy way to reinforce the ASSET curriculum and its tools: print and hang up ASSET’s digital posters.

There are posters with inspirational quotes, lists of tools for particular types of stress, and a list of all the ASSET tools. Not only will students be reminded of the tools every time they’re in your room, but it’s also a great way to show students that your classroom is a safe space where their mental health is a high priority.


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About the Author

Gina has taught high school English for nearly a decade and recently discovered the power of social & emotional learning after embedding ASSET into her classroom culture. She now serves as ASSET’s Director of Programs and brings a teacher’s perspective to curricular and professional development materials. In her free time (when her bouncing baby boy is sleeping or in someone else’s arms), Gina loves to read, cook big family dinners, and get outside with her husband and dog.

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