Foster a culture of gratitude

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There is a ton of research about the benefits of gratitude. It can improve your sleep, increase your happiness, reduce your stress, help you build strong relationships--the list goes on. It’s basically the coconut oil of social & emotional learning.

If you struggle to build community in your classroom (like me) or if you want to strengthen your already-solid classroom culture, a little gratitude can go a long way. Forget to plan a Do Now? Have your students write a thank-you note to a teacher in the building. Run through your whole lesson and have a few dreaded minutes of unstructured time to spare? Instruct your students to create a list of 10 musical artists they love or share their favorite sound with a table partner (other awesome prompts can be found here). And be sure to participate and reap the benefits of expressing gratitude yourself, too. Your students will learn more about you and you’ll feel better!



About the Author

Gina has taught high school English for nearly a decade and recently discovered the power of social & emotional learning after embedding ASSET into her classroom culture. She now serves as ASSET’s Director of Programs and brings a teacher’s perspective to curricular and professional development materials. In her free time (when her bouncing baby boy is sleeping or in someone else’s arms), Gina loves to read, cook big family dinners, and get outside with her husband and dog.

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