The power of visualization

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The power of visualization is mind-boggling, just like the fact that drinking a glass of red wine is comparable to an hour at the gym. Thinking about flexing your muscles actually increases your strength. At ASSET, we really value brain science, love examples that showcase the interconnectedness between our brains and bodies, and believe it’s important to share with students!

With ASSET, your students will visualize a peaceful place and see themselves doing well on an exam. If you notice that these visualizations are working for your students, facilitate a mini-visualization before they take a test, give a speech, or work on a project in your class. And like we always say, practice these tools yourself, too. Imagine greeting your students at the door. Picture yourself personally connecting with one of your most challenging students. See yourself giving clear, concise directions before independent work time. Visualizing a goal will help you achieve it!



About the Author

Gina has taught high school English for nearly a decade and recently discovered the power of social & emotional learning after embedding ASSET into her classroom culture. She now serves as ASSET’s Director of Programs and brings a teacher’s perspective to curricular and professional development materials. In her free time (when her bouncing baby boy is sleeping or in someone else’s arms), Gina loves to read, cook big family dinners, and get outside with her husband and dog.

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