Use ASSET tools to refocus a class

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I was always at a loss when my whole class began losing focus. Do I try to reset the room by switching to some type of independent practice? Would the opportunity to work in groups help regain focus? Long story short, those ideas didn’t work.

Behavior is communication. When you try to regain focus in a class that’s off track by trying a new academic activity, you’re missing what students are telling you via their behavior. They need to hit pause, reset, then restart. Next time your whole class is off track, try leading a brief mindfulness exercise to help your students find their place of calm. Even better? Give them a choice; ask them which ASSET tool they want to practice in that moment. When you offer and facilitate these tools outside of normal ASSET time, you improve the likelihood that students will practice these tools on their own.



About the Author

Brent Modak followed the example set by his grandfather and entered the classroom first as a middle school teacher before moving up to teach high school history. As a member of the ASSET team, Brent helped develop the curriculum and led in the implementation of the program across all of ASSET’s partner schools. When not teaching Brent enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and newborn baby, Lewis.

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