Provide opportunities for student choice

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Small actions can have big impacts. The first several times I practiced Mindful Listening with my students, I defaulted to using sounds of the beach. Little did I know that a bunch of students from the landlocked state of Colorado weren’t as into hearing waves crashing on a beach as I was. The small action of letting my students pick which type of sound to mindfully listen to (they were much bigger fans of the relaxing meadow melody) went a long way toward building buy-in.

Allowing for student choice--even in small ways, like giving them the option to sit up straight or put their heads on their desk--tells your students that you value their voice and opinion, and that, ultimately, ASSET time is for them.



About the Author

Brent Modak followed the example set by his grandfather and entered the classroom first as a middle school teacher before moving up to teach high school history. As a member of the ASSET team, Brent helped develop the curriculum and led in the implementation of the program across all of ASSET’s partner schools. When not teaching Brent enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and newborn baby, Lewis.

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