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The importance of putting teachers first

We put students first by putting teachers first. It took several years of teaching before I fully appreciated the logic and legitimacy of that line. In a world where a teacher’s job description looks like a balancing act between educator, social worker, nurse, and administrator, taking time to prioritize self-care is extremely important.

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Denver Public Schools Champions Innovation

A Summary of ASSET’s Case Studies by the DPS Imaginarium Innovation Lab

In February 2016, Tessa found herself on stage at the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab’s Design Challenge sharing the success of the ASSET pilot in Brent Modak’s classroom. Tessa shared her observations: a loud group of students with high-stress levels could be calmed down and focused within five minutes of an ASSET lesson. Brent also noticed a change within himself; he, too, was calmer and more focused after he led ASSET in his class.

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Why Student Reflection on New Activities is So Important

Importance of Student Reflection

The DSST: GVR case study, while proving the positive impact of the curriculum, drove home one point very clearly: opportunities for student reflection when trying new activities is crucial. From this insight, Drew Madson, an ASSET teacher, had the idea for an ASSET Student Toolbox Worksheet. The Student Toolbox, now a component of the curriculum, provides students the opportunity to pause after experiencing a new social & emotional learning tool and reflect on whether that tool helps them regulate their stress.

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ASSET for High-Stress Times

How to Make SEL a School-Wide Initiative

Beth Lakin, an eleventh grade English teacher at North High School, has been an ASSET champion since the early days when we hosted summer institute PDs and kept the curriculum in an excel spreadsheet.

Beth is the real MVP. She’s grown ASSET from her single classroom to making the program a school-wide initiative with the help of her principal’s support.

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