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Tips for Teaching Common Core Standards

The issue is if you’re a teacher in a state implementing Common Core standards, you’re stuck with them regardless of your opinion. Teachers don’t set public policy, but they certainly have to deal with the repercussions of it. We must teach in the world that is, not necessarily the world that ought to be.

So how do you teach in the era of Common Core?

  1. Bring Positive Psychology into the classroom

  2. Provide opportunities to fail...safely

  3. Teach stress management skills

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Why Realistic Classroom Expectations are Important

When it comes to students’ mental health it is imperative we have a long term approach as these are the types of programs that can impact a student for years to come. A study involving over 97,000 students over 18 years found “3.5 years after the last intervention the academic performance of students exposed to SEL programs was an average 13 percentile points higher than their non-SEL peers.”

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Tangible Tools for Tackling Test Anxiety

“Who’s ever been in a position where your mind goes blank right when the test starts?”

Before I even finish the sentence, dozens of hands shoot up in the air. I follow up by asking my class what they do when this happens to them.

Here is how you can reduce student testing anxiety

1. Teach AND provide time to practice coping techniques

2. Emphasize that college is not the end game

3. Publicly celebrate non-academic wins as often as possible

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ASSET for High-Stress Times

How to Make SEL a School-Wide Initiative

Beth Lakin, an eleventh grade English teacher at North High School, has been an ASSET champion since the early days when we hosted summer institute PDs and kept the curriculum in an excel spreadsheet.

Beth is the real MVP. She’s grown ASSET from her single classroom to making the program a school-wide initiative with the help of her principal’s support.

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