How ASSET’s curriculum helps children manage stress & anxiety

  1. Supports in the recognition of stress & anxiety

    The very first lesson, the Primer lesson, in the ASSET curriculum focuses on helping students better understand how stress impacts the adolescent brain. In the Primer lesson students have time to reflect on what situations and environments cause them stress and they then take stock of how stress physically manifests in their bodies. With this knowledge, students are better able “name” and recognize when they are becoming stress & anxious.

  2. Offers a variety of stress-reduction tools

    After developing a better understanding of stress, students receive a diverse array of concrete tools designed to help them reduce their stress. These tools range from Mindfulness practices, to Positive Psychology exercises, to Positive Self-Talk activities. By providing such a multitude of tools, students have the opportunity to reflect on what types of tools best work for them.

  3. Improves mindful awareness

    A focus of every ASSET lesson is providing students an opportunity for self reflection. Students have time to reflect on what types of activities calm them. This is key to reducing stress because once a student is more self-aware they are better able to recognize when they are becoming overly stressed.

  4. Reduces stress & anxiety

    ASSET is proud of the impact we’ve had on students. An independent case study conducted by Denver Public Schools found that 82% of students recommended that their school continue in the ASSET program, and over 60% of students experienced a reduction in stress.

    With the ASSET program, stress & anxiety no longer prevent students from reaching their full potential. Students are empowered with the ability to overcome their stress & anxiety. 


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