Decrease In stress

A study conducted by the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, found in a year of weekly ASSET implementation 60% of students showed a decrease in stress using the Self-Perceived Stress scale by Dr. Sheldon Cohen of Carnegie Mellon University. Their reduction in stress was statistically significant. 


increase in mindfulness 

In a two month study conducted by the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, 66% of students increased their mindfulness awareness based upon the Mindfulness Awareness Scale by Dr. Kirk Warren Brown of Virginia Commonwealth University.  Learn more about the Imaginarium's case study on ASSET here. 


92% of students report using asset tools inside or outside the classroom.

At the end of the academic year, 82% of students want ASSET to continue at their schools. 


Student Responses

ASSET is the only thing I’ve ever learned about how to manage stress. It’s not really talked about during the day to day [in school]. The only thing I hear [when I get stressed] is, “Study and you’ll be fine” but I haven’t had any strategies to help with stress other than just study….I am so appreciative of Tessa’s program and having experiences ASSET’s tools.
— Student, North High School
Really the only help I’ve gotten is in this class. I do have an IEP, so I mean it’s a different kind of help. It’s not meant to relieve stress but help. I get extra time on tests and so it doesn’t make me less anxious but it makes it less stressful. [ASSET helps with both my stress and anxiety].
— Student, North High School
DPS should be using strategies like this in every school. ASSET was extremely helpful to me, and our class in terms of managing stress and anxiety. Thank you Tessa!
— Student, North High School
Last trimester, I didn’t take this class and I had a C average. Once I started taking this class this trimester, I now have all A’s and B’s. The mindfulness part helps keep me in touch with myself and motivates me a lot to stay on top of what I am doing. It doesn’t make me stressed, it helps me control my stress. This school is super fast-paced and a lot of work. When we are able to come to this class and slow down, this helps a lot. It helps stay on top of what we have to do. I failed math last trimester and now I have a B average. I finished checkpoint 3 last week and do. I like the revised garbage truck (mantra meditation). I use my mantras outside a lot.
— Student, DSST HS

Teacher Testimonials

One kid dropped my AP class because they thought, ‘I’m dumb’. Another students would just freeze in class because they were so overwhelmed. I wish I had access to ASSET earlier
— Teacher, Denver, CO
ASSET helps meet students’ emotional needs in order for them to excel academically and later on in life.
— Kimberlee Lamendola, Education Supports Manager, Palmer Elementary
I have students who have anxiety issues and have told me how they are using ASSET tools in other classes before high stress events like tests...
That’s a true sign it’s working!
— Beth Lakin, Teacher, North High School