Denver School of Innovation and Sustainable Design

In the fall of 2017, Tessa was looking for a third school to participate in the Imaginarium’s case study on the curriculum. Tessa knew that it was crucial to get a school with a new model, an innovative one. The Imaginarium then introduced ASSET to the team at DSISD and shortly after launched a partnership.

At DSISD, ASSET began in college counseling class that met with all students twice-a-month. Tessa and the guidance counselor at DSISD, Martha, quickly agreed that ASSET belonged where it was designed for: the academic class setting. The college counseling class met infrequently and to have the greatest impact, students needed to be learning these tools once-a-week.

Two of the DSISD teachers championed ASSET for the second half of the year in 9th grade Geography and 11th grade U.S. History. The Geography teacher, Kendra, shared that “ASSET is the best part of her Monday.” True to ASSET’s form, once the teachers began using it—they were hooked and students were psyched for any moment to pause.

In 2018-19 academic year, ASSET is implemented by the Social Studies and Spanish team at DSISD.