DSST: Green Valley Ranch HS Denver, CO

How DSST: GVR Became An ASSET School:

In the spring of 2015, two educators from DSST: GVR saw Tessa pitch the idea for ASSET at an event hosted by her university. They recognized a need for these tools at their schools and connected ASSET to Brent Modak. Brent and Tessa piloted the tools in Brent’s study skills elective, but quickly recognized that the tools belonged as part of core academic content. Brent and his co-teacher, Nick, then implemented the tools in their 11th Grade U.S. History classes—immediately they saw a shift in their classroom engagement and their students began asking for more tools. They then grew ASSET to be included in at least one academic class in all 9th-11th grades.


9th Grade Humanties, 10th Grade Global History, 9th/12th Grade Entrepreneurship, 11th Grade U.S. History Teachers

DSST: GVR Inspired Innovations:

Shout-out to Drew who suggested we create a worksheet where students could keep track of the tools they learn in the curriculum. With Drew’s tip, we designed the ASSET Toolbox Worksheet. Now Drew’s innovation used at the end of every ASSET lesson.