ASSET was inspired by two extraordinary educators: Suellen Inwood and Chris Quirk. Their student, Tessa Zimmerman, grew up with severe anxiety in the classroom. It wasn't until she attended the high school led by Suellen and Chris that she learned the tools to cope.

For Tessa's college thesis, she wanted to make these tools accessible to classrooms everywhere. In 2016, ASSET entered its first academic class at DSST: Green Valley Ranch High School and quickly earned recognition for its success. In February of 2016, Tessa won the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab Design Challenge to launch ASSET's first professional development and formalize a partnership with the Imaginarium.

She teamed up with Brent Modak, the first teacher to pilot ASSET, to formalize the curriculum and professional development program. 

In January of 2017, Signe Hawley, a Research Partner at the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, began conducting case studies on ASSET's impact and found remarkable results.  

Since its inception in 2016, ASSET has trained over 150 educators and equipped 3,025 students with the ASSET tools. 

After having immense success with local Denver high schools, ASSET expanded its reach to high schools across the country, ultimately moving one step close to its goal of making these tools accessible to every student.