Built by Teachers For Teachers

ASSET offers educators a tried and tested curriculum proven to help students reduce stress and anxiety in their daily lives. From tools grounded in Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Positive Self-Talk, the diversity of the curriculum ensures there is a tool for every student.

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Plug & Play

At ASSET we mean it when we say our curriculum was built for and by teachers. Each of our 32 tools is “plug & play” ready, meaning there is no extra burden placed on teachers. We’ve developed the curriculum so that teachers have everything they need for a successful roll out in their classrooms including lesson plans, corresponding presentations, and supporting materials.

WHat’s includeD

A curriculum made up of 32 lessons:

  • 2 Primer Lessons: designed to help students understand how their brains work so they can “name and tame” their stress

  • 10 Mindfulness Lessons: designed to teach students how to pay attention to their thoughts, feelings, sensations, and experiences without judgement

  • 7 Positive Psychology Lessons: designed to cultivate students’ character strengths and help them lead meaningful, fulfilling lives

  • 7 Positive Self-Talk Lessons: designed to rewire negative inner dialogue

  • 6 Additional Lessons: provides movement-based tools for kinesthetic learners

Each lesson comes with a script and presentation ready for the classroom to streamline the implementation process.




Q: How pervasive is stress and anxiety in students?

A: From the SAT to ACT to GPAs, students have a lot on their plate (and that’s not even including work and personal responsibilities!) and stress levels are through the roof. According to a case study conducted by Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, 85% of students reported experiencing stress and/or anxiety on a daily basis. This stress manifests in a multitude of ways and creates an obstacle, which can prevent students from reaching their full potential.

Q: How does the ASSET curriculum help my students deal with their stress?

A: ASSET equips students with the ability to name and tame their stress. Embedded in the curriculum are teachable moments that help students begin to recognize how their body is biologically predisposed to respond to stress.

Q: How do I ensure I have success when rolling ASSET out to my students?

A: As all educators know language is important. How you frame a new activity can often determine whether that activity will have success with your students. ASSET is no different. Every iteration to our curriculum since 2015 stemmed from feedback and conversations with educators. For this reason we strongly advise teachers to stick to the script

Q: Is there a schedule to follow when implementing the curriculum in my classroom?

A: Yes! We recommend incorporating one ASSET tool into your academic class once a week. Including ASSET into your academic class adds a degree of gravitas to the program--students know it’s valuable because a teacher is using class time to do it. Additionally, by equipping students with one tool each week you’re building a habit of acknowledging and confronting each students’ stress and anxiety, which for some students has never happened in their academic careers.

Q: How can I go about getting ASSET in every classroom at my school?

A: Great question! We’d love to partner with your entire school. Please complete this School Partnership form, and we will follow up with your school’s administration.

Q: How much does ASSET cost?

A: Please visit our Pricing page to learn more about the cost for individual curriculum licenses and school partnerships.