Support Students By Committing to SEL

Each partnership service helps cultivate a school culture committed to supporting every student’s social, emotional, and mental wellness.

For specific inquiries, contact Brent Modak at

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Coaching Calls

Twice a month, ASSET’s Director of Programs, Gina Leach, hosts a webinar to answer questions and provide best practice tips. Systemic and Exclusive Partners have private monthly coaching calls with Gina.


Implementation Schedule

ASSET has created a weekly schedule for the duration of an academic year for partner schools to follow; this makes implementation easy and ready-to-go. Custom schedules are available for Systemic and Exclusive Partners.


Principal Toolkit

Based on successful models at partner high schools, the Principal Toolkit is a guidebook for administrators to support program efficacy and ensure fidelity.

Monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is a collection of tips & tricks from the boots on the ground: our teachers. These are tangible tips that teachers can directly apply to their classrooms.

In-Person Professional Development

In these teacher trainings, educators learn about the philosophy and structure of the curriculum, understand best practices, experience and role-play tools, anticipate and troubleshoot issues, and plan their curriculum implementations.

School Partner Pricing