92% of students report using asset tools inside or outside the classroom.

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82% of students want ASSET to continue at their schools.

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ASSET IS Proven to significantly reduce STUDENTS’ STRESS and increase mindfulness.  

ASSET with students

Testimonials from students & teachers

ASSET helps meet students’ emotional needs in order for them to excel academically and later on in life.
— Kimberlee Lamendola, Education Supports Manager @ Palmer Elementary in Denver, CO
I have students who have anxiety issues and have told me how they are using ASSET tools in other classes before high-stress events like tests. That’s a true sign it’s working!
— Beth Lakin, Teacher @ North High School in Denver, CO
One kid dropped my AP class because they thought, ‘I’m dumb.’ Another student would just freeze in class because they were so overwhelmed. I wish I had access to ASSET earlier.
— 11th Grade Teacher @ North High School in Denver, CO
Last trimester, I didn’t take [ASSET] and I had a C average. Once I started taking [ASSET] this trimester, I now have all A’s and B’s. The mindfulness part helps keep me in touch with myself and motivates me a lot to stay on top of what I am doing. It doesn’t make me stressed; it helps me control my stress. This school is super fast-paced and a lot of work. When we are able to [do ASSET] and slow down, this helps a lot. It helps me stay on top of what we have to do.
— Student at DSST in Denver, CO
ASSET is the only thing I’ve ever learned about how to manage stress. It’s not really talked about [anywhere else] during the day to day.
— Student @ North High School in Denver, CO
The only thing I hear [when I get stressed] is “Study and you’ll be fine,” but I haven’t had any strategies to help with stress other than just study. I am so appreciative of Tessa’s program and having experienced ASSET’s tools.
— Student at North High School, Denver, CO
[Denver Public Schools] should be using strategies like this in every school. ASSET was extremely helpful to me and our class in terms of managing stress and anxiety. Thank you, ASSET!
— Student @ North High School in Denver, CO
Really the only help I’ve gotten is in this class. I do have an IEP, so I mean it’s a different kind of help. It’s not meant to relieve stress but help. I get extra time on tests and so it doesn’t make me less anxious but it makes it less stressful. ASSET helps with both my stress and anxiety.
— Student at North High School, Denver, CO