Below outlines the deliverables for both ASSET and our School Partners to ensure a successful curriculum roll-out during the 2018-19 academic school year: 


ASSET agrees to train teachers in ASSET’s curriculum, support these teachers, and report on School Partner’s implementation of ASSET’s curriculum during the 2018-19 academic year to the School Partner's administration.

Specifically, ASSET will provide the following for the School Partner's teachers to be properly trained in the ASSET curriculum:  

  • Train the school-selected ASSET teachers in the ASSET curriculum onsite for 6 hours throughout the year; including a 2-hour initial training.

  • Facilitate 30-minute ASSET training to all School Partner's staff.

ASSET will provide the following materials for the School Partner's teachers to be able to implement the ASSET curriculum:

  • Provide an academic year-long membership access to the ASSET curriculum, presentations, implementation schedule, and ASSET menu. Membership access will begin September 10th, 2018 and end June 10th, 2019.

  • Send the School Partner's ASSET teachers the information to access the curriculum membership platform and create their log-in information the week of September 10th, 2018.

  • Provide a draft newsletter on ASSET for School Partner to send to parents and inform them of their child’s teacher’s curriculum implementation.

ASSET agrees to provide ongoing support to School Partner's staff in the following ways:

  • Meet monthly with School Partner's ASSET point-person for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Send weekly email reminders of the upcoming lesson plan to School Partner's ASSET teachers for the following week.

  • Coach School Partner's ASSET teachers throughout implementation by sharing best practices, tips, and troubleshooting any problems as they arise. Upon request, ASSET will respond to all teacher inquiries and request for support/feedback within 72 hours.

  • Answer any questions or concerns School Partner's staff may have with regard to curriculum implementation.

  • Provide access to a monthly newsletter of Tips & Tricks to School Partner for ASSET teachers once they sign-up for the newsletter on ASSET’s website.

In collaboration with School Partner, ASSET agrees to do the following to create an ASSET Impact Report:

  • Provide an Impact Report information collection timeline, which will include a year-long schedule for parental consent form distribution and collection, survey distribution and collection, classroom observations, and student interviews.

  • Provide a parental consent form for teachers to distribute to students (this consent form is only for the Impact Report and does not act as the informed parent consent).

  • Provide support managing and inputting the parental consent form tracker.

  • Provide the survey template for School Partner to make a copy of and store on their “ASSET Impact Report” folder stored on their server for students with parental consent.

  • Provide a document with steps for how teachers should distribute surveys to students with parental consent.

  • Observe ASSET classrooms on a regular basis; the frequency of which will be determined by ASSET in consultation with School Partner teachers.

  • Conduct pre and post ASSET student interviews.

  • Speak with teachers and students for the purpose of anecdotal evidence and feedback on the curriculum for the School Partner.

  • With the help of ASSET consultants, analyze surveys at upon the completion of the post-surveys.

  • Provide an ASSET Impact Report to School Partner upon the completion of the impact analysis. The anticipated release date of the ASSET Impact Report is: August 1st, 2019.

ASSET will not:

  • Retain a copy of the consent form tracker with student personal identifiable information.

  • Retain access to the information provided in the school folder upon the delivery of the Impact Report.


School Partner agrees to implement ASSET’s curriculum with fidelity.                                                           

Specifically, School Partner will provide the following for effective training:

  • Select 8-10 School Partner's staff to participate in initial and ongoing ASSET training.

  • Host an initial onsite ASSET training for the selected staff on School Partner-Selected Date and provide the following:

    • A classroom which is equipped with a projector/SmartBoard

    • At least 2 hours of scheduled group time for an initial training

  • Schedule 2-4 additional hours of ASSET training throughout the school year for ASSET teachers.

  • Schedule a 30-minute ASSET training for all School Partner's staff.

In addition, School Partner will:

  • Designate one Administrator or Teacher to be ASSET’s point person. The ASSET point person agrees to meet with ASSET at least once per month for 30 minutes.

  • Solicit informed consent from all parents of students who will be learning ASSET tools in their classes before the week of September 10th, 2018.

  • Allow ASSET to highlight school as a partner and feature School Partner’s logo on ASSET’s website for the duration of the partnership.

  • Commit with fidelity to follow ASSET’s implementation schedule by incorporating the lessons into classes at a minimum of once per week.

  • Commit with fidelity to follow ASSET’s high-stress mitigation plan by implementing the lessons school-wide before high-stress times.

  • Direct the selected ASSET teachers to follow the lesson plan schedule created by ASSET for School Partner by teaching each aspect of the lesson without omissions.

  • If a teacher requires help to successfully implement the curriculum in their classroom, they will communicate their need for assistance and collaborate with ASSET, to create a solution. If the teacher is still unable to implement the curriculum in alignment with the schedule or revised plan, ASSET will not be responsible for their curriculum outcomes.

If the School Partner fails to incorporate the curriculum into their classes, follow the lesson plans, provide the surveys for the impact report, or any one of these actions, ASSET is not responsible for the outcomes of their students. School Partner will immediately notify ASSET if one of these three activities are not being performed and together the Parties will review needs to be implemented, and create a new plan. If School Partner and ASSET cannot agree to a new plan, then the partnership will be terminated, and neither School Partner nor ASSET will have any ongoing obligations to each other.

School Partner agrees to complete the following activities so ASSET can conduct an Impact Report on their implementation:

  • Follow the Impact Report information collection timeline created by ASSET.

  • Recognize ASSET as a school official under FERPA for the purpose of delivering curriculum and evaluation of curriculum for the School Partner.

  • Follow the impact report organization protocol:

    • Create an “ASSET Impact Report” folder on School Partner’s server that stores the parental consent form tracker, ASSET surveys, classroom observations, and student interviews.

    • Create the parental consent form tracker in the “ASSET Impact Report” folder on School Partner’s server.

    • Make copies of the ASSET pre, mid, and post survey templates to the “ASSET Impact Report” folder on School Partner’s Server.

    • Create classroom observation and student interview documents in the “ASSET Impact Folder”.

    • Distribute and collect the ASSET Impact Report Parental Consent forms to students.

    • Securely store returned ASSET Impact Report Parental Consent forms on the school’s premise.

    • Grant ASSET permission to input the ASSET Impact Parental Consent form responses to the parental consent form tracker on the “ASSET Impact Report” folder.

  • Follow the survey distribution protocol:

    • Ensure that all ASSET teachers that will be distributing surveys have access to the parental consent form tracker.

    • Assign each student with parental consent a random number to keep track of the timestamp of their survey.

    • Create a hard copy of the key of students with parental consent and their assigned random numbers.

    • Store the key separately from the consent forms in a locked and key cabinet.

    • Have students input their random assigned number on the surveys.

    • Ensure students use the same random assigned number on their pre, mid, and post surveys.

  • Allow ASSET to conduct the following actions to create an Impact Report:

    • Conduct pre and post ASSET student interviews.

    • Conduct regular classroom observations as organized between ASSET and the (Insert School Name) teachers.

    • Speak with teachers and students for the purpose of anecdotal evidence and feedback on the curriculum for the School Partner.

    • Provide ASSET and ASSET consultants access to the anonymous survey data and ensure that absolutely no student personal identifiable information will be attached.

    • Grant ASSET’s consultants permission to analyze anonymous surveys.


Active: August 30th, 2018