The Scope of the Problem


Students are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.

In a case study conducted by the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, they found that 85% of students reported experiencing stress and/ or anxiety caused by school on a daily basis. Yet, over 90% agreed that their school does not help them cope. Most teachers - the people on the front lines of this epidemic - have not received training or gained the tools to help their students cope until now.

We’ve created a unique “by teachers, for teachers” stress-reduction curriculum called Becoming Your Own ASSET that can be implemented in any classroom and is proven to help students reduce their stress.

Stress & Anxiety Increase in College When Not Addressed in High School

In its annual survey of students, the American College Health Association found a significant increase—to 62% in 2016 from 50% in 2011—of undergraduates reporting “overwhelming anxiety” in the previous year. For seven consecutive years, anxiety has been the most frequent complaint of college students seeking mental health counseling.

Source: New York Times, “Why Are More American Teenagers More Stressed Than Ever?”

In 1985, the Higher Education Institute at UCLA began asking college freshman if they felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the previous year. When the study began in 1985, 18% agreed they felt overwhelmed; however, in 2016, the percentage spiked to 41%.

The National Education Association Has Labeled the Rate of Student Anxiety an Epidemic

According to mental health surveys, today’s teenagers are more anxious than ever. Anxiety is a tsunami that has overtaken the social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of our students.