The mission of ASSET Education is to equip schools with the tools to help their students mitigate stress and build resilience in order to uncap students’ potential and improve learning. To that end, ASSET Education has developed a curriculum that is distributed for the use of schools and school districts. As a part of providing and supporting this curriculum, ASSET Education may occasionally have access to student personal information. In these circumstances, ASSET Education is deemed to be a “School Official” as that term is defined in FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

Please contact with any questions regarding these impact measurements.

What student personal information does ASSET collect and how is this information used?

Student personal information will be collected, stored and managed by your child’s school. ASSET will not retain a copy. ASSET will have access solely for the purpose of parental consent. The student personal information is limited to the student’s name and ID # for the purpose of knowing who has consent to take surveys. This information is used to assist the School Partner with administering and monitoring the ASSET Education curriculum. ASSET Education does not sell student information, use student personal information for marketing purposes, or create student profiles for non-educational purposes.

With whom will ASSET share student personal information?

ASSET Education may share anonymous survey data and anonymous interview responses in the following circumstances:

  • With sub-contractors and/or consultants that support providing the services. ASSET contractually requires these sub-contractors and/or consultants to comply with the requirements in this notice. These sub-contractors are currently limited to curriculum and impact reporting consultants.

  • With a new owner in the event ownership of ASSET’s products and services are transferred to a third party. This third party would be required to comply with this notice.

  • With government agencies, law enforcement, or judicial bodies, if legally required to do so.

How is student personal information secured?

Any student personal information will be collected by your child’s school and will be stored secure servers or, for hard copy files, secure filing cabinets. All surveys and any additional student feedback in regards to ASSET will be kept on the school’s server. ASSET may have access to this data as shared via their school. Student personal information regarding who has consent to take ASSET surveys and interviews will be retained for one year after the completion of the course, unless deletion or further retention is requested in writing by the school.

What rights do student’s and parent’s have around this information?

Since ASSET is a service provider to the school, all requests to access, review, change, or delete student personal information must be sent to ASSET by the school or school district. These requests should be sent to 

Note Regarding ASSET Education Impact Measurement:

In some circumstances, ASSET may collect additional information to measure the impact of the curriculum via interviews, surveys, or classroom observation. In these circumstances, your child’s school and ASSET will obtain consent from the student’s parent or legal guardian for the collection of a student’s personal information and participation in measuring the curriculum impact. Requests regarding this information should come directly from the parent or legal guardian that signed the consent form; and can be sent to

Updated: August 30th, 2018

Requests to see ASSET’s survey

If your child is participating in an ASSET impact report for their school and you would like to see the survey, please email and we will provide a copy of the survey to you.