Stress reduction tools

Our curriculum is comprised of tools based on the tenets of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Positive Self-Talk.


By teachers, for teachers

With 15+ years of teaching experience, the ASSET team designed the curriculum to take prep-work out of the equation.


Ready-to-use lessons

Each one of our 32 lessons is 5-10 minutes and comes with a script and matching presentation.


Proven-to-work program

92% of students report using ASSET tools inside or outside the classroom.


There are two ways to access the ASSET curriculum:


Teacher Partnership

At just $50, ASSET is more affordable than most textbooks and includes ongoing access to

  • 32 plug-and-play lesson plans

  • 32 corresponding presentations in Google Slides format

  • All updates, including new tools

  • Supporting worksheets + materials

  • ASSET’s growing Professional Development Digital Library

  • ASSET’s Recommended Implementation Schedule

  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletter of tips & tricks

  • Access to a supportive, private community of educators on Facebook


School Partnerships

When partnered with your school, ASSET facilitates professional development workshops. In these workshops, educators learn about the philosophy and structure of the curriculum, experience and role-play tools, anticipate and troubleshoot issues, and plan their curriculum implementations. These sessions are great for educators who want to

  • Deepen their understanding of student stress

  • Develop Mindfulness & Positive Psychology skills

  • Design their implementations with the ASSET team

  • Create a school-wide culture of resilience



Featured Partner

At ASSET we believe in order to be successful you need a growth mindset. This is why we reflect and learn from every one of our partnerships. Click here to learn about what we learned from partnering with Teach For America Colorado.