Bite sized social and emotional lessons for your classroom. Built by teachers, for teacher

student stress is inevitable.

our curriculum helps them cope.

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Students are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety.

In a case study conducted by the Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, they found that 85% of students reported experiencing stress and/ or anxiety caused by school on a daily basis. Yet, over 90% agreed that their school does not help them cope. Most teachers - the people on the front lines of this epidemic - have not received training or gained the tools to help their students cope until now.

Our Mission:

ASSET seeks to equip teachers with stress-reducing, resilience-boosting tools to help their students thrive.

Our Vision:

We envision a national school system where students flourish and their potential is not compromised by debilitating school-related stress.

Our Program:

We’ve created a unique “by teachers, for teachers” stress-reduction curriculum called Becoming Your Own ASSET that can be implemented in any classroom.


This curriculum is composed of three modules: Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, and Positive Self-Talk. In each module there are several bite-sized social-emotional learning lessons that can be implemented at the beginning of an academic class, during a morning meeting, or before a test to mitigate stress. ASSET teachers have access to easy-to-follow scripts and corresponding presentations for each lesson, so there’s no extra work on their part to get started.

There are two ways to access the ASSET curriculum:


Individual Teacher

At just $50, ASSET is more affordable than most textbooks and includes ongoing access to:

  • 32 plug-and-play lesson plans

  • 32 corresponding presentations in Google Slides format

  • All updates, including new tools

  • Supporting worksheets + materials

  • ASSET’s growing Professional Development Digital Library

  • ASSET’s Recommended Implementation Schedule

  • Exclusive Monthly Newsletter of Tips & Tricks

  • Access to a supportive, private community of educators on Facebook


School Partnerships

When partnered with your school, ASSET facilitates professional development workshops. In these workshops, educators learn about the philosophy and structure of the curriculum, experience and role-play tools, anticipate and troubleshoot issues, and plan their curriculum implementations. These sessions are great for educators who want to:

  • Deepen their understanding of student stress

  • Develop Mindfulness & Positive Psychology skills

  • Design their implementations with the ASSET team

  • Create a school-wide culture of resilience


Our Impact 


92% of students report using asset tools inside or outside the classroom.


82% of students want ASSET to continue at their schools. 


ASSET IS Proven to significantly reduce STUDENTS’ STRESS and increase THEIR mindfulness awareness.  


testimonials from students & teachers

ASSET helps meet students’ emotional needs in order for them to excel academically and later on in life.
— Kimberlee Lamendola, Education Supports Manager @ Palmer Elementary in Denver, CO
I have students who have anxiety issues and have told me how they are using ASSET tools in other classes before high-stress events like tests. That’s a true sign it’s working!
— Beth Lakin, Teacher @ North High School in Denver, CO
One kid dropped my AP class because they thought, ‘I’m dumb.’ Another student would just freeze in class because they were so overwhelmed. I wish I had access to ASSET earlier.
— 11th Grade Teacher @ North High School in Denver, CO
Last trimester, I didn’t take [ASSET] and I had a C average. Once I started taking [ASSET] this trimester, I now have all A’s and B’s. The mindfulness part helps keep me in touch with myself and motivates me a lot to stay on top of what I am doing. It doesn’t make me stressed; it helps me control my stress. This school is super fast-paced and a lot of work. When we are able to [do ASSET] and slow down, this helps a lot. It helps me stay on top of what we have to do.
— Student at DSST in Denver, CO
The only thing I hear [when I get stressed] is “Study and you’ll be fine,” but I haven’t had any strategies to help with stress other than just study. I am so appreciative of Tessa’s program and having experienced ASSET’s tools.
— Student at North High School, Denver, CO
ASSET is the only thing I’ve ever learned about how to manage stress. It’s not really talked about [anywhere else] during the day to day.
— Student @ North High School in Denver, CO
[Denver Public Schools] should be using strategies like this in every school. ASSET was extremely helpful to me and our class in terms of managing stress and anxiety. Thank you, ASSET!
— Student @ North High School in Denver, CO
Really the only help I’ve gotten is in this class. I do have an IEP, so I mean it’s a different kind of help. It’s not meant to relieve stress but help. I get extra time on tests and so it doesn’t make me less anxious but it makes it less stressful. ASSET helps with both my stress and anxiety.
— Student at North High School, Denver, CO