Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How pervasive are stress and anxiety in students?

From the SAT to GPAs, students have a lot on their plate (and that’s not even including work and personal responsibilities!). According to a case study conducted by Denver Public Schools Imaginarium Innovation Lab, 85% of students reported experiencing stress and/or anxiety on a daily basis. This stress manifests in a multitude of ways and creates an obstacle, which can prevent students from reaching their full potential.

Q: How does the ASSET curriculum help my students deal with their stress?

ASSET equips students with the ability to "name and tame" their stress. We start with the science of stress, specifically how our brains and bodies are biologically predisposed to respond to stress through the fight, flight, or freeze response. After students can "name" their stress, ASSET gives them a variety of concrete tools to "tame" that stress. These tools are rooted in concepts like Mindfulness and Positive Psychology.

Q: Is there a schedule to follow when implementing the curriculum in my classroom?

Yes! We recommend incorporating one ASSET tool into your academic class once a week. Including ASSET into your academic class adds a degree of gravitas to the program - students know it’s valuable because a teacher is using class time to do it. Additionally, by equipping students with one tool each week you’re building a habit of acknowledging and confronting each student’s stress and anxiety, which for some students has never happened in their academic careers.

Q: How do I successfully roll out ASSET to my students?

Language is important. How you frame a new activity can often determine whether that activity will have success with your students, and ASSET is no different. Every iteration to our curriculum since 2015 stemmed from feedback and conversations with educators. For this reason, we strongly advise teachers to stick to the scripts we provide.

Q: How can I get ASSET in every classroom at my school?

We're so glad you asked! Researchers, such as developmental psychologist Stephanie Jones and her team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, find that SEL is most effective when the entire school implements the program. ASSET offers multiple partnership opportunities for schools to implement ASSET school-wide and receive additional supports. Read case studies of our school partners and learn more about partnership opportunities on our website.

Q: How much does ASSET cost?

A one-time cost of $50 provides curriculum access for one teacher. We also welcome you into our private professional development membership community, where we are always adding new resources and facilitating expert as well as peer-to-peer training and support.

We also offer cohort discounts for school and other institutional partners. Please visit our website or reach out for more details on partnerships.

Q: May I share this curriculum with my colleagues?

This curriculum was developed by teachers, so we get it, but no – please don't. The $50 license is for an individual teacher's use of the curriculum and membership in our professional development community. These fees help us provide continual updates, training, and access to a fast-growing number of students nationwide. We'd rather your colleagues apply for a scholarship so they can join and contribute to the community, rather than sharing a log in or just creating copies of your materials.

Q: Do you ever offer reduced-cost or free access to your curriculum?

Yes, we accept scholarship applications on a rolling basis and approve requests based on financial need and fund availability. Please fill out our application form here. If you are in a position to help us fund access to those who need it, please make a 100% tax-deductible donation to ASSET Edu!

Q: I love what you're doing, but I'm not a teacher. How can I get involved?

If you're an expert in the field of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, or social-emotional learning in general, we're always looking for thought partners to design new tools. We'd love for you to send us a note

Another fantastic way to get involved is by sponsoring a membership for teachers' who need financial assistance to access our curriculum and community.

Q: I'm training to become a teacher. Will this curriculum be useful to me if I'm not actually teaching yet?

Absolutely! The more comfortable teachers are with the curriculum, the more effective their implementation will be. We also recommend teachers develop a personal practice of the tools, so when they go into the classroom, they feel confident and personally-engaged in the materials. And as a new teacher, there will be stress; ASSET tools help teachers reduce their stress, too!

Q: Is this curriculum appropriate for all ages?

It was developed with grades 6 through 12 in mind, but intrepid educators of younger (or older) students are more than welcome to use it!

Q: I want a little more support around implementing ASSET in my classroom. Do you offer in-person training?

We offer three forms of school partnerships where the ASSET team will come deliver on-site professional development support to your staff. If interested, please contact us.

Q: How about a little kick-back for spreading the word about ASSET?

What a great idea! We'd be thrilled if you became an ASSET  Affiliate. You will receive 20% of every sale that results from you sharing your unique affiliate link. That's $10 for every person who enrolls at the full $50 rate using your unique membership code; cash money, which we'll deliver to you via PayPal.

In order to become an ASSET Affiliate, you must be signed into our course platform. Once signed in, go to and follow the prompts to enter your PayPal email address and get your shareable links. Thank you for spreading the word about ASSET!