Practice what you preach

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In my first year teaching, my teacher-coach noticed I was struggling with classroom management, so he made the recommendation I sit in on one of our English teacher’s classes. The teacher’s class went amazing and when I reflected on why, I noticed it wasn’t because of what the students were learning but how invested the teacher was. Her passion for the novel they were reading (and for reading in general) was palpable to every student in the room.

This idea that teachers have to practice what they preach and show genuine passion for what students are learning is perfect advice when introducing social & emotional learning into the classroom. If you’re not bought in, students aren’t bought in either. This is why it is so important for educators to remember that self-care isn’t selfish. Incorporating mental health practices into your daily life not only improves your mental wellbeing but also your students’. By practicing what you preach and developing a personal practice in mindfulness, you put yourself in a better position to respond to stressful situations that will arise in the classroom.



About the Author

Brent Modak followed the example set by his grandfather and entered the classroom first as a middle school teacher before moving up to teach high school history. As a member of the ASSET team, Brent helped develop the curriculum and led in the implementation of the program across all of ASSET’s partner schools. When not teaching Brent enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and newborn baby, Lewis.

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